Offspring Natural Multi-surface Cleaner (100ml)
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  • Offspring Natural Multi-surface Cleaner (100ml)

    Eliminates Dirt, Germs & Odour Instantly


    Works on any surface. Spray to clean, disinfect and deodorise countertops and furniture.


    Cleans hard surfaces, disinfects and deodorises fabrics for a healthy, hygienic home. 


    All-round protection for baby and home


    A powerful combination of sugarcane-derived ethanol and natural disinfecting agents effectively cleans and disinfects, keeping your home wonderfully dirt-free and germ-free.


    Refresh your home with the scent of nature


    No artificial fragrance, no worries. Made with natural thyme and eucalyptus oil to deodorise and freshen your home without any overpowering or harmful scents. 


    Mindfully Made


    Made with plant-based ethanol, natural cleansing agents and antibacterial essential oils for effective cleaning and disinfecting properties.


    Non-Toxic Formulation


    Made without ammonia, sulfates, synthetic fragrance and carcinogenic agents that may cause allergies. Safe for sensitive skin and noses. 


    How to use

  •  Hard surfaces: Spray and wipe to remove grime, dirt and odour. Works on plastic, wood, glass and others.
  •  Soft fabrics: Spray on baby cot, blanket, car seat, stroller, mattress and carpets to disinfect germs and deodorise odour. Leave to dry for 1 minute.